Hand Sanitiser 70% Ethanol Eco refill pack

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Hand Sanitiser dispenser 60ml & 100ml relifil



Hand Sanitiser 70% Ethanol Eco refill pack – 60ml flip-top dispenser & 100ml refill

Practical, versatile, and highly effective Ethanol hand sanitizer.  When you purchase the refill pack, you will receive a 60ml easy to use flip-top lid Hand Sanitiser and a 100ml refill bottle additional refills purchased separately.

Because of the solution’s free-flowing properties, it’s easy to pour, ideal for transferring into existing smaller containers for personal use, wall-mounted dispensers, or spray bottles.

Key Points Hand Sanitiser 70% Ethanol

  • 60ml Hand Sanitiser with Flip-top lid and 100ml refill.
  • Fast-acting Alcohol Hand Sanitiser rinse.
  • Rapidly evaporates without leaving residue.
  • The liquid spray is perfect for hands, surfaces, tools, equipment, and multiple other surfaces.
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • No water or towels required – dries in seconds
  • Clean, fresh lemongrass aroma.

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation, Alcohol / Ethanol Hand Sanitiser should be used to – prevent the spread of infection along with regular washing hands with soap and water.

Key Points Hand Sanitiser 70% Ethanol

  • Pour directly on hands or surfaces.
  • Rub hands together, until hands feel dry.
  • DO NOT rinse or wipe off the hand sanitiser before it is dry.
CBD ME Hand Santitiser 70% Alcohol

CBD ME Hand Santitiser 70% Alcohol


Available In 100ml refill bottles, 1-Litre, and 5- Litre containers.

This product is compliant to BS EN 1276 standards – this is a European Standard which ensures that the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants is effective against controlling harmful micro-organisms. All BS EN 1276 chemicals have been tested to ensure they are killing 99.9% of bacteria within 5 minutes.

All BS EN 1276 products must kill bacteria such as MRSA, salmonella, E. coli, flu virus (H1N1), listeria, and Pseudomonas Aerginosa.


Alcohol, Aqua, Glycerol, Cymbopogon Citratus Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus, Globulus Leaf Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide


Flammable – Keep away from sources of ignition, Keep out of children’s reach, Do not ingest, Keep away from the eye area – rinse with cold water if this happens.

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